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Tiff Flounce Blouse

Útsøluprísur630,00 kr

Viskosa 62%/Polyester 38%

• Fine blouse in a beautiful graphic print
• Ruffle collar
• Slight puff on the shoulders
• Narrow elastic cuffs
• Loose fit
• 100% viscose

Product Information:
A fine blouse with a beautiful graphic print and lovely ruffle details, the Rosa Flounce Blouse. It features long wide sleeves with narrow elastic cuffs and a slight puff on the shoulders. Additionally, it has a V-neck and a ruffle along the edge that goes all the way down the front and around the neckline, along with small slits on each side of the blouse.

Fit: Loose
Length: Size M = 65 cm
Sleeve Length: Size M = 63 cm

Farve:Light Blue
Tiff Flounce Blouse
Tiff Flounce Blouse Útsøluprísur630,00 kr